Do you still use extensions like Ghostery or 1Blocker

New user here. Would you all recommend still using things like Ghostery and 1Blocker? Or have they become redundant with NextDNS installed?

Thanks in advance. 

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  • DNS can’t block everything, so a browser extension is still useful.

  • You better not using browser extensions as they only increase your browser fingerprint which ends in worst privacy and browser extensions also increase your attack surface a lot.

      • Rob
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      • Rob
      • 5 mths ago
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      DynamicNotSlow Doesn’t it depend on your goal? Decrease tracking or hide advertisements?

      Some of those plugins are so popular that maybe it does not matter too much?

      Trackers take so much into account that your fingerprint is (almost) unique anyway, it seems :(

      • DynamicNotSlow
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      • DynamicNotSlow
      • 5 mths ago
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      Rob browser extensions are presented in the wrong light. Sure they’re powerful and will make something easier (like hiding ads) but in reality they’re very dangerous as they have control over all websites you visit. 
      fun fact is that a user without extensions get better privacy than a user with extensions can ever get.

      Extension popularity doesn’t matter as we see with Ghostery, WoT (Web of Trust), uMatrix - first two are privacy madness while uMatrix get abandoned from dev after many many years with a lot of users. 

      Enumerating badness also doesn’t work and tracking is done on server side since years. Sites still write “privacy” guides with nonsense like browser extensions or “because it’s OpenSource”. Tracking companies just enjoy that miss information. 

  • I’m sorry, I tapped the wrong “button” on my iPad and now unintentionally reported DynamicNotSlow’s reply.

    Can the @NextDNS team please undo my mistake?

    Apologies to @DynamicNotSlow and @NextDNS!

    PS: the gists of her/his reply (that got hidden due to my mistake) was that you should not install browser extensions because they make your fingerprint more unique, making it easier to track you.

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