Vodafone (TR) Issue

Soo, just changed to Vodafone Turkey today and thanks to their service Private DNS doesn't work at all. It's illogical but I don't know how to fix it. Checked the logs and nothing is blocked and this also doesn't work using Cloudflare DOT so nothing to do with NextDNS but just wanted to ask if anyone is having the same issue. And maybe someone found a fix through Vodafone support. 

Bugün Vodafone'a gectim, Gizli DNS / Private DNS hiç calismiyor gorunurde bir problem yok bunu belki duzelten vardir diye sormak istedim. 

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  • https://help.nextdns.io/t/x2hmvas/what-is-dns-over-tls-dot-dns-over-quic-doq-and-dns-over-https-doh-doh3

    "DoT and DoQ use a custom ports (tcp/853 and udp/8853 respectively) which can be easily blocked by firewalls while DoH uses the same port and protocol as used for all HTTPS web traffic (tcp/443), making it harder to block or even detect."

    Try the app or another DNS app which can use DoH. I use AdGuard and I set up NextDNS in it.

  • Vodafone blocks some of them, DOT always make trouble with Vodafone, just try DOH with any available app like Adguard, Nebula, RethinkDNS.. etc. , DOH generally works without trouble ,  if you are some lucky, the app which you will choose also support Cloudflare workers

    I use Cloudflare workers with NextDNS DOH on Adguard app, never faced with a problem, even its  smoother and faster

  • Thank you for you guyses responses didn't expect the port to be blocked tbh that's stupid on their part. All the other providers are fine with it but they feel the need to block it. Well, I guess it's hard to complain with all the benefits it has. I just didn't want to rely on an app to do my blocking, was hoping that it was something fixable. Just another possible point of failure. Still tho any reason behind blocking the said ports, do they gain anything from it?

  • Also thanks for the recommendations but battery is a huge concern for me, I'm using a bit of an older and a phone I abused quite a bit aka battery lasts a few hours at best so Adguard etc are a bit on the heavier side. I'll probably just use the NextDNS app and see how that works out still in shock about a phone operator blocking DNS-Over-TLS like I don't understand why that would be a positive thing. Corporate networks maybe but not the whole thing. 

  • Unless there is an incompatibility,
    AdGuard use very little battery.

    If you go to Apps Management and disable Internet traffic for apps which don't need to run when the screen is off you can actually reduce battery usage.


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