Charged for NextDNS - cancelled a year ago.

I paid for a year of NextDNS January 2022 but decided it was not for me, I haven't used NextDNS for almost a year and I have no use for it. 

Yesterday I was charged £17.90 for a further year until January 2024, as far as I was aware I'd not authorised further payments to NextDNS and would like a refund of the money charged before taking this up with the bank.

I have emailed NextDNS but have not yet received a response, is anyone here aware of contact details for this company?

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    It's now been twelve days since I emailed NextDNS sales & customer support, in addition to making this post on the NextDNS help forum.

    Neither of the two emails sent to NextDNS sales / support have been acknowledged or replied to, in any context. 

    This is, in addition to the post above, which has also not recieved any kind of response / reply or acknowledgment - despite members of the NextDNS team being active within the last 12 days.

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    Not responding is disrespectful towards your customers and does not cast a good light on NextDNS…

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    It has now been 21 days since emailing NextDNS sales & customer services in addition to my post on this forum (where the NextDNS team have been active) and still no response.

    As noted above, I was charged £17.90 on the 29th of January 2023 despite never having agreed to enter into a subscription service with the "company" and not having used the product in any capacity in over 12 months.

    How can a company claim to be legitimate, offer absolutely zero customer service and fail to respond in ANY CAPACITY to a request for refund through channels promoted by the team, especially when the error clearly lies with NextDNS.

    Looking through the forum and other online means, I am clearly not the only "customer" charged by NextDNS incorrectly, with zero recoruse available short of reporting the transaction to the bank as fraud.

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