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Currently I am using a paid VPN service which is not compatible with the use of NextDNS . I would certainly consider buying a paid VPN from NextDNS if it were available. 

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  • No. NextDNS isn’t a VPN and it isn’t recommend using non-VPN DNS with VPN. 

    So, stop using your nonsense VPN or use their DNS. 

    • DynamicNotSlow I think he meant that he wanted to use the dns along side with a VPN, and he thought that if nextdns servers are powerful, they can surely create a vpn

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      DynamicNotSlow Yeah I that the response was a bit over the top, he was saying I'm using a VPN and it doesn't work with NextDNS so I don't get the benefits of it, also saying that if NextDNS made a VPN he would be more than happy to pay for it. Basically an Idea as the posted section is for. It just worded a bit differently. I also agree with his point, a trustable service that also makes a VPN doesn't sound bad. They wouldn't have to spend much advertising either since their core userbase are privacy focused people. So it's definitely a good idea. 

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    • DynamicNotSlow thank you for your friendly advice. You clearly denote me as a stupid fool. Then don’t argue with me, please. It does not make sense to respond to an idea in this way, unless you want to kill all suggestions. 

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