Pause button (please)

Is there a Pause button to temporarily disable all functionalities? If not please add one.,

In one case (of many others) I am taking an online exam, that didn't work due to some links being blocked behind the scene, I needed to unplug my router and remove settings manually to pause. 

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    • Hey
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    I know this is a feature request but I've got a simple solution for issues like this.

    In terms of filtering, more isn't instantly better, most DNS Filters on any service etc are focused on blocking everything without looking at the consequences. It's great for privacy but you get into situations like this where domains important for functionality are blocked.

    I'd advise using OISD only as your filter, you will see some analytics and ads get through like Google Shopping ads but you won't have to deal with any issues over the long term, if that's not enough 1HostLite is a bit more aggressive but still breaks nearly nothing with the Allow Affiliate Tracking option.

    Using filters like Energized Ultimate, Goodbye Ads, 1HostPro etc are known to break functionality over blocking Ads/Trackers.

    • al_ex
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    I really hope this is going to be implemented. Few levels of 'pause' would be perfect:

    1) Pause all functionality (clear state)

    2) Pause privacy/security/etc. features

    3) Pause usage of certain blocklists individually


    Also a reminder on the main page that something is paused would be perfect too.

    Maybe even an option to pause temporarily: with a timeout (15 min, 1 hour) or until the specific datetime (until tomorrow 2:00 PM).

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