Can blocklists be displayed sorted by default?

It looks like the current order is FIFO, but this is making it hard to locate specific blocklists to add/remove. If possible, can the blocklists in https://my.nextdns.io/{{ ID }} /privacy be sorted in alphabetical order?

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  • If not, can the order be allowed to be changed manually so that we can alphabetize them ourselves?

    • As always, thank you for the great work & product that you guys made for us. It's really changed my life & improved the quality/safety of my web browsing. Thank you

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  • This weekend I plan to create a Tasker task that downloads the logs to a spreadsheet. Sorting/ arranging data becomes effortless, analysis & experimentation become possible. 


    AND I just realized you were probably referring to the Allow/Deny lists, not the logs,  NO NOT EVEN THAT you mean the list of blocklists available. Gotcha....but I've already typed this much so maybe it'll help someone eventually. lol

  • Hi Robbie, sorry to hear that haha I think if you share the link to what you've been working on, someone will finally have a need for it.

    For the sort, I mean both for available & what was added. Martheen 's solution would work, but that would require that I install an addon and add a layer of [minimal] complexity/dependency :'(

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