How do you prevent unauthorized users to access your DNS configuration/profile

This may be a dumb question, but after watching reviews on NextDNS, I notice most of the review videos show the user's setup page which includes their profile ID,etc.

How do you ensure that no one can steal your info, etc and try to use your DNS info for themselves?

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  • If someone would use your DNS info, *they* would be giving their info (DNS traffic) to you. Only you can access your dashboard with the logs and analytics.

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    • NextDNS I'm ready to purchase the annual plan, so excuse my paranoia. I just want to make sure I understand everything.  Doesn't that mean that someone could use it as a public DNS server to "hide" their own searches? I understand they wouldn't have access to the logs, etc but suppose they only care about hiding their DNS requests from the ISP, etc. 

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      • Martheen
      • 8 days ago
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      Curt Warfield If someone merely want to hide their DNS requests from the ISP, the generic NextDNS DoH address used in Firefox is enough.

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    • Curt Warfield they can't "guess" your ID and as @martheen said, there is way easier to achieve the same thing.

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    • NextDNS Ok it all makes sense now. Thanks. I guess the youtube reviewers should blur out their ID before they post videos. I was over thinking everything. Thanks!

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