I have tried several times to block 99% of TLDs, but I always regret it, because some apps stop working, and it's a pitb trying to figure out what domain a particular app is using... What TLDs should ALWAYS be blocked? I always have .su, .ru. & .cn blocked, but what other domains do you all block? I only have a handful blocked currently. Screenshot attached. 

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  • I block all of them except the few I use frequently 

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    • Calvin Hobbes Same here, on Windows I have allowed only .com and .net then a few domains on an allowlist. Similar to my browser, there are a few more domains .org .io

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    • Calvin Hobbes same here. I really don't mind to manage a whitelist anyway. 

      I found out it is less work to whitelist than to blacklist. 

  • Here are adult-purposed TLDs:

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  • With a quick search on the web you will find which TLD to block.  

  • I would personally avoid going too heavy on the blocklists, as you said it becomes a pain to manage and troubleshoot things.

    You should block the ones you're comfortable with, the ones that don't pose issues.

    For everything else the blacklists/nrd/threat-intelligence/ai should do the trick 

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