A feature to bypass a blocked domain directly from the block page

This feature would be helpful instead of going to my.nextdns.io and adding the URL every time in the whitelist

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    I think this idea is genius. If let's say it's a password to bypass that could be useful for both for their normal users to bypass a page if they know it's trusted and for the admins / teachers at businesses and schools streamlinging it. This could be huge for network admins and teachers, they will probably use their own configuration but let's say they aren't or trying to help students / employees with something they could temporarily disable it for a set amount of time as well. It could be tricky to implement but its a net positive for everyone. If it didn't require a DNS flush like how it now, that would be even better, adding a whitelist option with the said password now we're talking. Like literally the best idea I have seen.

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  • This would be the best feature

  • That is bad idea... if you feel that the page should be unlisted then contact blocklist owner and place an issue there.

    This way you will help identify false/positive and you will contribute to everyone.

  • Its better simple.

    Because your workaround to the "inconvenience" of it is to have the NextDNS admin credentials on the quick or be already logged-in.

    Anything on the page takes away centralization

    • X. N. Nujca 

      Addenda: You want a policy change to the Block Page because of Your Customization? That you only have to do one time, per domain? Its your customization, re-evaluate your Filter sets, temporarily Whitelist whats necessary, and submit a False Positive report to the Filter author, which would most efficiently solve the issue as it would unblock the False Positive worldwide. 

      That you have had to unblock False Positives a dozen times is standard procedure for something customized like this. And once Whitelisted, it doesnt re-appear. In a few months, your setup will only have one False Positive Block Page per year

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