Using multiple configuration IDs to segregate users

Hey Team,

Here I am again asking for your guidance. 

So I just recently found that we can set up different config and I thought about taking advantage of this feature because not everyone in our home wants to have filtering on.

I've since set up another config and named it unfiltered where it just basically functions as pure dns proxy without adblocking and other good stuff.

Followed the guide https://github.com/nextdns/nextdns/wiki/Conditional-Configuration 

However I believe I may be missing something because all devices are somehow utilizing the unfiltered config despite having set the filtered config as my main config ID in Luci.

My setup is as follows.

Installed NextDNS CLI and Luci on OpenWRT

config nextdns 'main'
    option setup_router '1'
    option report_client_info '1'
    option log_queries '0'
    option cache_max_age '0s'
    option control '/var/run/nextdns.sock'
    option use_hosts '1'
    option auto_activate '1'
    option detect_captive_portals '0'
    option bogus_priv '1'
    option timeout '5s'
    option cache_size '0'
    option max_ttl '5s'
    option log_query '0'
    option hardened_privacy '0'
    list listen 'localhost:53'
    list config 'FILTERED'
    list config 'UNFILTERED'
    list config '70:66:55:3B:2D:5F=UNFILTERED'
    list config '6E:69:8D:5D:55:9E=UNFILTERED'
    option enabled '1'

*I replaced the config id with filtered to FILTERED and did the same for UNFILTERED .

There are only 2 MACs I would like to use the unfiltered config for (out of 19 devices we have at home)

Appreciate your help.

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  • additional note:

    nextdns version 1.32.1

  • hey guys no worries i got this all sorted after fiddling around some more.

    as it turns out, the config actually follows the list order from top to bottom where the top ones are those devices you wish to use conditional config for and the very bottom is your main config for everything else.

        list config '70:66:55:3B:2D:5F=UNFILTERED'
        list config '6E:69:8D:5D:55:9E=UNFILTERED'
        list config 'B8:C6:AA:68:48:47=UNFILTERED'
        list config '20:47:DA:46:A2:C9=KIDS'
        list config '18:E2:9F:F8:D9:B5=KIDS'
        list config 'B4:B6:86:36:35:7C=KIDS'
        list config 'FILTERED'
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