What does Disable do on Windows?

I've searched , but can't find an answer for this. What exactly does disable do on the nextdns app? 

This is a convenient option if it works, for instance I can't complete a purchase because it is being blocked. But there are layers:

1. Does it flush the dns cache? Or after disabling does it take another 5 minutes or so to actually see if nextdns was the cause of the block?

2. Is it ever  necessary to clear the browser cache?

I guess what I really want to know, is, when a website doesn't work, and nextdns is the cause, how often / quickly will disable restore functionality?

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    • Ruby_Balloon
    • 2 yrs ago
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    It disables the NextDNS virtual wireless adapter, which would cause the system to revert to system assigned dns. Its similar to manually disabling a wireless adapter in "Network & Sharing Center" and takes a few seconds.

    Also, you could always test this yourself in order to find out more answers

      • Steven_Shank
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Greg B. Thanks. Not sure what I was thinking. The basic advice, try it and see, wins the prize again! It is amazing how often that is the best answer, especially if there is no reason to suspect there could be a problem.

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