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I would like to prevent users from connecting to VPN apps on my network. I have installed the NextDNS package on my UDM-Pro and I have enabled the Block Bypass Methods under Parental Control but the problem is that the clients are still able to establish a connection using commercial VPN apps. To be more specific I am trying to block League Of Legends on my sisters PC. I managed to block it on the router using DPI and also on a DNS level from the NextDNS control panel, but I am unable to prevent the game from running when she is using ProtonVPN. Unfortunately if I try to block the OpenVPN protocol using again DPI the router fails to prevent the connection on the ProtonVPN app. So I am trying to do it on the NextDNS control panel but I am failing. Can anyone please help me with this?


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    Just wanted to say this, 

    If your sister is using ProtonVPN then technically unless you block all encrypted requests in your router it would simply be impossible to turn off the VPN. 

    Proton has developed their own Alternative Routing Technology.

    What this does is that if requests to api.protonvpn.ch fail then it will try the protonmail.com API for VPN. If even ProtonMail is blocked (which it is not (atleast when using the Block Bypass Methods in NextDNS, since it is prima facie not a VPN Site but an email Site!)), then it will use Google DNS, Cloudflare DNS, AWS DNS, Quad9 DNS, etc to connect to the ProtonVPN servers. So again, unless you block all these popular services again not practical but it can be done.

    Again, if anyone thinks of a way to stop ProtonVPN then go ahead and enlighten us! 

    BTW some other VPN's are nowadays also beginning to use similar tech to bypass blocks.

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