NextDNS for multiple networks

I have a Pro subscription and two networks I want to use NextDNS from. I have a no-ip DDNS hostname for each network, one that maps to a Raspberry Pi that I am running the no-ip client on and another that maps to a Synology NAS that I have also configured no-ip DDNS on. That's all working fine.

My question has to do with the linked-ip setting. I want both networks to be associated with my NextDNS account, but there's only one address I can specify for linked-ip. I have configured it to point to the DDNS name for one of my networks. How do I get the second network recognized? Do I need two NextDNS accounts, or what?

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  • You can get rid of link IP by using an encrypted protocol like DoH or DoT. You can also run our CLI agent. This way you can point as many network as you want on the same configuration.

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