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First off I'd like to say that I love the NextDNS service thus far. However, I've run into a rather big issue. When I use the NextDNS-provided code under the "Setup/Routers" section of the website on my pfSense box (exactly as instructed) - I have absolutely NO DNS resolution. Is the "Setup/Routers" section on the NextDNS website within my account wrong or perhaps missing a parameter? Is there some other setting in pfSense I must enable/disable within the Unbound resolver to get this to work? Perhaps the "pfSense" section needs to be updated (I'm not sure what version the guide section is based on? I am an experienced pfSense user and am using pfSense v2.4.5-p1, which is the latest stable version w/all updates applied. Additionally, I understand there is an NextDNS client available via curl for a pfSense box, however I'm not interested in this version/deployment. I prefer to control everything via the pfSense webConfigurator. Thanks. 

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  • Additionally, I'd like to add that my pfSense box is running  with default settings other than the NextDNS code segment. Thanks again.

  • Can you please show the output of something like "dig apple.com @localhost" from the router?

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