How private are we really?

I have probably 95% of the TLD's blocked using the Chrome extension NX Enhanced, but blocking .cn (China and TikTok ofcourse) for example, how well does NDNS keep you somewhat private? I know if I was targeted, then any government/authorities would know my every move, so how well does NDNS really work at keeping you private and secure?

My family loves to poke fun at all my security/privacy measures, thinking it does absolutely nothing. Partially the reason for this post.

I don't agree on Biden's decision on pausing the sale of TikTok, what do you guys think?

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  • DNS don't protect you against agency or government. It can also be bypassed with own device settings, apps which doesn't respect OS or network DNS, direct IP connections, ...

    NextDNS can block tracker and malware depending how you config your setup. Not less, not more.

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      DynamicNotSlow  I knew that as far as the Government/Feds etc. which is a given, but blocking TLD's simply keep you from connecting to those domains, but not them connecting to you if they truly wanted to? For example, if I was targeted hypothetically speaking of course

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      • 8 days ago
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      Mike dns only handle domain resolution, not direct IP connections

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  • What do you mean by Private and Chrome?

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