Internet drops out daily when using NextDNS

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After months of testing - with and without NextDNS running - in 2 different houses with 2 different internet connections and router brands.

My router's internet connection drops out once every day despite having full connectivity to the tower, and remaining connected to all devices. It reconnects only after a router reboot.  All devices show connection to the wifi router - and on Android devices "No Internet" shows under the wifi icon.

It does not ever drop out unless NextDNS is connected.

I have tested last week by removing all NextDNS settings from all devices in my house - android, IOS, and windows devices, and from the DNS settings in the router itself.

I then had 5 days with no disconnects. After putting the NextDNS DNS servers onto the Router, it dropped out again the next day (always between 10am and 3pm if that is relevant).

This occurs in my other house as well with a different ISP, a different Router and internet connection type, and the NextDNS feature running only on a single Android device as PrivateDNS.

It occurs when

- the Router itself uses the ISP's default DNS  AND any device in the house has NextDNS running)

- when the Router uses NextDNS DNS settings and NO device has Next DNS running


How can I troubleshoot this? The ISPs aren't willing to help as it's caused by me running 3rd party settings.

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  • when I connect a windows device to the nextDNS DNS - I get these Ping results and Tracert

    •   gsl-mel     39 ms  (ultralow1)
    •   gsl-adl     48 ms
    •   vultr-syd   49 ms
    • ■ gsl-syd     49 ms  (anycast1)
    •   zetta-adl   54 ms
    •   zetta-mel   55 ms  (ultralow2)
    •   zetta-syd   56 ms
    •   zetta-bne   63 ms
    •   gsl-bne     66 ms
    •   gsl-per     68 ms
    •   zepto-lax  208 ms  (anycast2)
    • Chris can you please send a https://nextdns.io/diag

      When it breaks, how long does it last? Can you reproduce the issue with the NextDNS Android app?

    • NextDNS also, can you please traceroute

      • Chris
      • Chris
      • 10 mths ago
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      NextDNS Hi - when it drops out it won't reconnect until manually rebooting the router.  Note - As it's always happened during work hours, I've never been willing to wait longer than 30 minutes.

      If the only device running through your service is my Android phone with PrivateDNS set to NextDNS, it still occurs. Same with the Android App itself.

    • Chris what about the case when the router points to ISP DNS and only your android is setup with private dns on nextdns?

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