NextDNS contacting Naver

I was looking at the network traffic from my Mac, and noticed that something is constantly trying to contact “naver.com” (and this is being blocked by my tracking filters). I tried to find the app responsible for this, and it turns out it’s NextDNS (NextDNSProxy).

When I look at the WhoTracksMe pop-up in NextDNS, it says this about Naver: "Provides advertising or advertising-related services such as data collection, behavioral analysis or retargeting.”

I would like to know what data is shared with Naver and for what purposes. I see no mention of Naver in your (unfortunately very short) “privacy policy” and it's not listed with the companies NextDNS shares data with.

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  • Our client is not contacting this service. It would have no reason to do that.

  • Mario said:

     NextDNS-proxy is not an official client. Any concerns should be directed at whoever created that piece of software. 

      • Mario
      • mvwoensel
      • 12 days ago
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      R P M It absolutely is an official client. 

    • Mario the app you are using is probably confused by the fact this process is performing DNS resolution for those domains.

      • tymes
      • aquamarine_box
      • 12 days ago
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      Mario You're here on nextdns telling nextdns that what they say isn't an official client is an official client why?  how?   Just imagine me in your house explaining anything to you.  By the way I can call my self Mario aka @mvwoensel_proxy talk to anyone anywhere tomorrow... it is called PHISHING.

      • Rob
      • iOS Developer
      • Rob
      • 12 days ago
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      tymes Where do you see NextDNS telling Mario that NextDNSProxy is not an official client?

      My impression is that all they are saying is that their client does not contact Naver (and that the software Mario is using, which might be a firewall like Little Snitch, gets confused by NextDNSProxy doing a DNS lookup for other software).

      Additionally, the second screenshot from Mario clearly shows that NextDNSProxy is a part of a macOS App called NextDNS. If that App is downloaded from the NextDNS website or the Mac App Store NextDNSProxy is very likely "official".

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